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It looks like Canadian adults aren’t too sold on the idea of marriage anymore.

A latest poll by Angus Reid reveals that about 53% of adults in the country think that marriage is unnecessary, while 47% believe that marriage is necessary to solidify a lifelong commitment.


(Angus Reid)

As for their own personal status, 73% of 18-34 year olds have never gotten married, and about one-sixth say they don’t want to. Age plays a significant factor in this analysis, as 55% of Canadians over 65 years old believe that marriage is as relevant now as it ever was.

However most people of all age groups do believe that couples that choose to tie the knot are displaying a “more genuine form of commitment” than those in a common-law relationship.

Over the past few decades, the percentage of people between 18-34 years old choosing to get hitched has been on the decline (56% in 1971 compared to 22% in 2016) and it doesn’t look it will be picking up any time soon.

(Angus Reid)

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