Your phone, the TV, and the radio all start to emit this loud, high pitched noise, indicating that something is terribly wrong, and you need to get yourself to safety right away.

When the distress signal strikes, the last thing you should be worrying about is what to bring with you during an evacuation.

That’s why GetMyKit is here to save the day, with their variety of emergency kits that contain everything you’ll need to survive during a crisis.

So Victoria Buzz has partnered up with GetMyKit to bring you their quality survival kits at the lowest possible prices for a limited period of time by using the code “BUZZ25“. Keep reading to find out more!

This Emergency Preparedness Week…

…do more than just talk about how horrifying natural (and man-made) disasters can be.

While federal and provincial governments are in the process of implementing an emergency alert system, it’s time for you to do your part in making sure you’re prepared for anything that comes our way.

GetMyKit has been working to raise funds and create awareness in schools and in the community about the importance of having an emergency plan in place. Now, they’re giving you a chance to get YOUR kit at incredibly low prices in their biggest sale of the year.

Check out these unbeatable deals:


Get your emergency kit at wholesale price

GetMyKit offers a range of survival packages from their Basic 1-person kit at $148, to a Deluxe 4-person kit at $398. They’ve even got emergency kits specifically tailored for pets, and vehicle survival.

And for this week only, take 25% off on any of their emergency kits by using the code “BUZZ25”! Free shipping included. 

Hurry – offer ends at midnight on Saturday, May 12th.

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