National Caesar Day! Pictured is Bart's delicious version of Canada's signature cocktail. Photo ItkasanImages

It’s the Thursday before the May long weekend, and that means one thing: everyone’s slacking at work before they take off for a few days.

Oh, and it’s also National Caesar Day, a celebration of Canada’s signature cocktail and favourite excuse for a drink at breakfast time!

The Caesar is a Canadian concoction crafted by Calgary mixologist Walter Chell in 1969. The drink was inspired by his favourite Italian dish, spaghetti vongole.

Chell’s attempt to capture the dish’s tomato and clam flavours led to the famous drink we know and love: vodka, tomato juice, clam broth, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, all served with ice in a large, celery salt-rimmed glass, and usually garnished with a stalk of celery and wedge of lime.

But as you’ll soon find out, people like to get a bit creative with it. In honour of this tasty sip, we threw together a list of ten places in Victoria to enjoy a Caesar on this or any other day.

1) Ferris’ Oyster Bar (536 Yates St)

Phone: (250) 360-1824

2) SüLT Pierogi Bar (609 Yates St)

Phone: (778) 265-7858

3) Clarke and Co. (1002 Blanshard St)

Phone: (778) 677-5909

4) Agrius (732 Yates St)

Phone: (778) 265-6312

5) 5th Street Bar and Woodfired Grill (1028 Hillside Ave)

Phone: (250) 380-4600

6) Bartholomew’s Pub (777 Douglas St)

Phone: (250) 940-3125

7) Mo:Le Restaurant (554 Pandora Ave)

Phone: (778) 265-9849

8) Jam Cafe (542 Herald St)

Phone: (778) 440-4489

9) Varsha Indian Kitchen (1600 Government St)

Phone: (250) 590-6252

10) Belleville’s Watering Hole & Diner (427 Belleville St)

Phone: (250) 388-0889

Some of these spots might close too early for any late-night libations, but hey, Caesars are better as a breakfast drink anyways, right? Just go for Sunday brunch.

And please remember: always drink responsibility. Cheers!

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