This NYPD cruiser looked a little out of its element in downtown Victoria this week. Photo by Darren Duffey

If you were out and about on Monday, you may have been surprised (and confused) to see a New York Police Department police car cruising around town.

Turns out, the cruiser was being used to film The Wedding Dance, a straight-to-TV movie produced by Front Street Pictures. It’s the latest Hallmark film to be shot in Victoria in recent months.

Production of the film moved to Oak Bay’s Thorn & Thistle flower shop on Tuesday, according to reports.

The shop’s location will act as the spot where the happy couple buy their wedding flowers, before they get married at the Victoria Golf Club.

Victorians took to social media to share their sightings of the vehicle.

It’s also not the first time that these cruisers have been spotted in Victoria, as they’ve made appearances three years ago.