Have you seen this sheep? NZ Builders Ltd. are offering a reward for her safe return. (NZ Builders Ltd./Facebook)

UPDATE—June 1: Sooty has been located!

According to a post on their Facebook page, NZ Builders Ltd. has relocated their lost sheep Sooty, who originally went missing in January.

Apparently, Sooty was all the way up in Duncan after being snatched up by a dog named Murphy in Oak Bay.

Murphy’s owner, Vivienne, learned Sooty’s real identity when her daughter pointed out that the sheep her dog was playing with looked familiar to the one in the missing posters.

“I am so unbelievably sorry about this whole situation but you must understand there was no malice in us ending up with Sooty,” Vivienne wrote in a letter.

“She’s in pretty good shape and the crew is happy to have her back,” NZ Builders said.

Amidst all the excitement, someone stole another one of NZ Builders’ sheep, Florence. Luckily, she was found at Oak Bay High School a couple of hours later on Friday morning.

What a roller coaster of a day at NZ Builders!We are pleased to announce that Sooty has been returned, along with a few NZ treats and an explanation about where she has been for the last few months. She's in pretty good shape and the crew is happy to have her back.In the midst of celebrating Sooty being back, someone stole Florence from her post out on the road. Luckily we found her dumped at Oak Bay high school a couple of hours later.So the flock is all back together!We would like to thank everyone for there support in the Oak Bay community including Oak Bay News and Victoria Buzz for all their coverage on the situation.Time to go buy some padlocks!

Posted by NZ Builders Ltd. on Thursday, May 31, 2018

ORIGINAL—May 15: Baaa-d news, Victoria—NZ Builders Ltd.’s wooly mascot Sooty has gone missing, and they’re asking for your help to find her.

Sooty, a Romanov sheep, was last seen in the back of a NZ Builder silver Ford F-150 truck on Beach Drive. She’s been missing since January.

(NZ Builders Ltd./Facebook)
(NZ Builders Ltd./Facebook)

Sooty stands at 12 inches tall, and weighs 600 grams. She has a black face and black undercoat with frosted tips.

While the search has at times seemed hopeless, a NZ Builders Ltd. staff member named Aaron said the outpouring of community support has been “pretty cool.”

Let’s hope their efforts to find Sooty aren’t in vain!