(Victoria Buzz)

Emergency Management BC has issued an update following yesterday’s emergency alert test during which apparently half of the province did not receive an alert.

B.C. residents were supposed to receive a emergency alert text message at 1:55 p.m. yesterday. But many reported not hearing the alert tone, or even getting an alert at all. One person, meanwhile, reported getting the alert 29 times.

The test was meant to ensure that the expanded public alerting system works as intended before its official launch this June.

“Although many British Columbians received the alerts, many others did not,” Emergency Management BC said.

Emergency Management BC said that officials from other participating provinces in which the alert failed and Pelmorex, the company that manages the Alert Ready system, will discuss technical issues and determine how best to address them.

The statement did not mention any possible reasons for the alert’s failure to reach every resident’s device.