(Paul Homer/Facebook)

You know that feeling you get when you’ve found the perfect lake or pond to take a dip in?

It’s quiet, secluded, there’s just enough sunlight streaming in through the trees, and everything is right with the world?

Looks like this local black bear knows exactly what that’s like, and has found a spot that keeps him coming back for more!

Sooke resident Paul Homer told Victoria Buzz that he’s been trying to capture a photo of the black bear, whom he’s nicknamed ‘Big Rig’, that has been bathing in a swamp on his property for several years.

With the help of some game cams, Paul was able to get a close up of Mr. Rig chilling in the pond and taking in the sun with his eyes closed in pure relaxation!

Check it out:

(Paul Homer/Facebook)
(Paul Homer/Facebook)


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