There’s few things more stressful when driving in dark, wet conditions than not being able to see where you’re going.

Luckily, road markers across the West Coast are getting a glow-up as crews have started line painting throughout Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, the Ministry of Transportation announced Friday.

A new paint formula is making use of higher-quality glass beads so that road markers will be brighter and more reflective.

“Road markings need to not only survive but shine on B.C.’s West Coast, especially at night and in rainy conditions,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“By including larger, higher quality glass beads in our paint mix, it will be easier for people to see our lines when it’s dark, and the weather is bad.”

Paintwork is currently already underway in Victoria and Duncan.

3,000 kilometres of roads and highways will be painted in the region, and 20% more lines are being painted annually throughout the province.

Road crews will also useĀ thicker paint for longer-lasting pavement marking in coastal areas and will apply second coatsĀ in regions that experience premature wear.