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A couple of tweets from Victoria Police today tell a cautionary tale of what happens when you’re not paying attention to the road while driving.

Today officers caught a man who was on his cell phone while driving through a school zone. Turns out, it was his second offence, which meant that he got a hefty $888 fine for his actions. Of course, he didn’t just accept the ticket without a fight.

According to a second tweet, instead of the usual argument (“I wasn’t actually using my phone!”), this guy went with trying to convince the officer that he shouldn’t be ticketed because he’s a “safe” driver.

In BC, distracted driving will get you a penalty of at least $543 (this is the sum of an initial $368 fine, and the $175 cost to pay off points against the licence).

These are the penalties for all additional offences:

  • 2nd offence: $368 + $520 in penalty points = $888
  • 5th offence: $368 + $3760 in penalty points = $4,128
  • 10th offence: $368 + $14,520 in penalty points = $14,888

So remember: all eyes on the road!