Victoria High School (hey.yyj/Instagram)

The ongoing discussion around what to do with Victoria High School might be heating up, as the National Trust for Canada put the aging building on its annual Top 10 Endangered Places list this week.

The National Trust for Canada is a charitable non-profit organization that works to save and renew places with significant historical value.

In its explanation for adding Vic High to the list, the Trust says that the school is “a beloved institution that has played a profound role in the community.”

Located at 1260 Grant Street, Vic High opened May 1, 1914, and currently has a capacity of 850 students. However, enrolment is projected to increase by over 1000 students over the next decade.

Vic High received the highest level of seismic risk rating from the BC Ministry of Education’s Seismic Mitigation Program. The rating requires that the school choose from one of three options: seismic upgrades, retaining the exterior and rebuilding the interior, or demolition.

Demolition is the least expensive option with an estimated cost of $50-60 million.

The Greater Victoria School District’s Board of Education will hold a vote on the options presented in June.