How can you say no to a face like this? (Yipyipskybison "Appa"/Facebook)

Victoria dog lovers, say hello to your newest local celebrity!

Appa the Samoyed is here to brighten your day with a smile—and a dazzling coat of white fur.

Jennifer Chang, one of Appa’s owners, says Appa’s personality is one of complete joy, fearlessness, and wonder.

“He’s so curious about everything, and enjoys all the new sights and smells from our outdoor adventures,” she says. “All he wants in life is to be a part of it and understand it as best he can.”

Some of Appa’s favourite things to do are exploring, and meeting new people and dogs. But his favourite pastime is a good game of keep-away.

“Silence is golden unless you have a Samoyed, then it’s suspicious,” Chang says. “He’ll come strutting out of the bedroom with a sock or underwear hanging out of his mouth, look you square in the eyes, and that tail starts moving so quickly, daring you to catch him with his contraband.”

Chang and her partner Dan Cox started an Instagram account to share Appa’s antics with friends and family when they adopted him one year ago. Eventually they expanded to a Facebook page, Twitter account, and most recently, a YouTube channel.

“The community has been so positive, and we have made some great connections with people we would never have known if it wasn’t for social media,” Chang says.

Here are 10 reasons why we love Appa, and why you should too.

1. He’s not afraid to get a little dirty

2. He doesn’t believe in artificial borders

3. He loves to keep it cool

4. But he can also keep you warm

5. He’s great at hiding

6. He’s not afraid to get a little cheeky

7. He’s an innovative thinker

8. He’s a ladykiller

9. He’s always got a hug ready

10. And a wicked smile, too!

You can find more of Appa the Samoyed on Instagram, TwitterFacebook, and YouTube!

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