Can you help deliver this to Livingston, Guatemala? (

Planning on making a trip to Guatemala in the near future? We’ve got a mission for you!

Miranda Chapman is looking for a courier in the hopes that they can deliver a Father’s Day gift from her oldest son, Iseri.

Iseri, who turns nine in September, made a hand-drawn 8.5″ x 11″ laminated flag at school for his dad (pictured), who lives in Livingston, Guatemala.

Iseri and his father. (Miranda Chapman/Facebook)

But international shipping is expensive, so Chapman is hoping a willing traveller could take the flag down south for her.

Her first resort was to ask for help with a listing on Used Victoria.

The listing, titled “Are you going to Livingston, Guatemala????” and posted on Friday, June 15, includes a photo of the flag Iseri made.

“My son made this for Father’s Day at school but his father is in Livingston, Guatemala and getting mail there is unreliable and expensive,” Chapman writes. “It’s a fairly popular tourist destination so I thought I’d see if anyone is going on a trip there and would be willing to take this along?”

Chapman first met Iseri’s dad on a backpacking trip 10 years ago, and they now have two children together. They’re now separated.

Unfortunately, living in a different continent means Iseri rarely gets to see his dad. And with international travel being as expensive as it is, Chapman isn’t in a situation to travel down south more frequently.

She says it’s tough for Iseri to see kids at school with fathers who are more present, and she hopes that someone is able to help out.

If your travel plans include a stop to Guatemala this summer, give her a shout!

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