king of donair
This could be you very soon: King of Donair is expanding to British Columbia. (King of Donair/Twitter)

Victoria’s taste buds are going to get the royal treatment: King of Donair is hitting Western Canada!

The Halifax-based franchise is planning to open a number of stores in the region by year’s end.

King of Donair (KOD) is known for bringing the donair (a variation of a doner kebab that uses beef and condensed milk) to Canada over 40 years ago. It’s since become a Maritimes staple, even becoming the official food of Halifax.

Customers can expect the mini-chain to carry over its signature East Coast flavour, with onions, tomatoes, and a sweet and garlicky donair sauce, to Western Canada.

“[Western donair shops] put different toppings, namely lettuce, and sometimes they’ll put pickles or cheese on as well, which is almost sacrilegious to the East Coast donair,” said KOD owner Nicholas Nahas.

KOD has built something of a reputation in Canadian culture since it opened. A 24-hour livestream of meat spinning at a King of Donair shop was once featured on Munchies, and one of its stores was even included in Trailer Park Boys (disclaimer: strong language).

KOD currently has four locations in Nova Scotia, with two more opening in Alberta in Edmonton and Grand Prairie. Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria locations are in the works, KOD confirmed.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one!