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Just a few weeks after the provincial government introduced new securities for tenants facing evictions from rental units, it has now done the same for residents of manufactured home parks.

New compensations for tenants facing eviction will take effect on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, the government announced Tuesday.

Changes to the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act include:

  • a consistent 12-month notice to end tenancy, applicable to all tenancy agreements under the act
  • increased compensation landlords must pay tenants when a park is closed, now totalling $20,000
  • additional compensation if a manufactured home cannot be relocated, with park owners now required to compensate tenants for the assessed value of the home over $20,000
  • a clarification that tenants are not responsible for disposal costs if they are unable to relocate their home
  • increased compensation for bad-faith evictions, with landlords now required to pay tenants 12 months’ pad rental, or $5,000, whichever is greater, if a closure does not proceed after an eviction.

More information on what’s changed can be found online.


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