(Saanich Police)

Pulling up next to the po-po is going to feel a lot more badass when you see their new ride!

In August 2015, Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) officers seized a stunning 2012 Dodge Charger SRT-8 in relation to an investigation of drug-trade violence in Surrey and Delta.

And thanks to British Columbia’s civil forfeiture program, our very own Saanich Police department gets to keep it!

Outfitted with a custom wrap, ample V8 rumble, and a powerful stereo, this eye-catching chariot will take SPD officers to community engagement events like school visits, parades, music in the park, and the annual Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock ride.

“By offering free use of forfeited, high-profile vehicles, we can help to foster conversations and stronger connections between police officers and citizens of all ages,” said Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth.

“Doing this really compounds the public safety value of civil forfeiture, which takes vehicles and other assets out of criminals’ hands.”

The vehicle’s previous ownership is commemorated on its trunk, where the words “seized from a drug dealer” are emblazoned on.

Check it out:

(Saanich Police)
(Saanich Police)
(Saanich Police)

The police department understandably took to social media to show off their new ride, but not everyone was too happy about it.

It’s alright, West Shore RCMP – you’ll get your turn!

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