siri 911
Screenshot of a video posted by Saanich PD (Saanich PD/Twitter)

Siri can give people trouble at the best of times, but this incident takes the cake.

Saanich police are reminding drivers that they can use their phone in the case of an emergency after a witness tried using the virtual assistant to call 911.

Saanich PD tweeted a dash cam video in which a driver is heard asking Siri to call 911 after a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of McKenzie and Glanford on May 30.

Siri, reliable as she is, replied like so: “I don’t know who your mother is.”

Great. Thanks.

Saanich police took the opportunity to use the mixup as a learning moment for other drivers.

“We’d like everyone to know that in this situation you CAN pick up your phone,” they said.

In all other situations, remember that distracted driving can carry a hefty fine—$368 for a single violation.

Something tells us neither Siri nor your mom will be helping you out of that one.

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