When a vehicle veers out of control and spins across two lanes on the Malahat, the consequences are almost always disastrous.

But when it happened further north on the Island Highway just before Nanaimo, there were no injuries and traffic cleared up in a relatively short amount of time – all thanks to the K-rail (also known as a concrete barrier).

Professional semi-truck driver Clayton Davis was able to capture the remarkable moment when a truck spun across two lanes, but was stopped instantly from driving into oncoming traffic by the highway divider that is designed to block traffic from venturing into the opposite lanes.

“I was driving my semi-truck and there was another semi-truck in the other lane,” says Davis. “After making sure the driver was okay and there were no fuel leaks, we were able to block off traffic in both directions. I remained at the scene of the accident until emergency crews were able to arrive.”

Davis, who has some training on how to handle accidents as part of his professional driver licensing, says a lot of other drivers stopped or slowed down their vehicles to check on the collision. “It’s worth mentioning that if there’s already someone who has stopped to help, other people don’t have to stop as well. It’s actually better and safer for them to move on,” he clarifies.

In this particular instance, the presence of the highway divider prevented an accident that could’ve had a much more tragic ending.

This story gives even more credibility to advocates for lane dividers along the full length of the Malahat.

Check out the dashcam footage:

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