Sunday, July 21, 2024

Environment Canada issues special weather advisory for Greater Victoria


Whether you’re looking forward to more fun in the sun or just need a break from all the heat, Greater Victoria is in for more warm weather this coming week.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Greater Victoria, as an “extended stretch of very warm weather” is currently hitting BC’s south coast.

A summertime ridge of high pressure is here to stay for the rest of the week, bringing with it mid-to-high twenties temperature near the water and low-to-mid thirties inland.

Although the heat this month will not be record-breaking, we are still about to see temperatures rise five to ten degrees higher than average for late July.

In light of these developments, Environment Canada is reminding people to take these precautions:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking cold beverages, preferably water
  • Spend time in an air-conditioned facility for at least several hours every day
  • Avoid sunburn, stay in the shade and use sunscreen with SPF-30 or
  • Never leave children or pets alone in a parked car

Here’s what the weather looks like for the week:

(Environment Canada)
Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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