made in canada

As the trade war between Canada and the U.S. continues to escalate, shoppers may be wondering what they can do to support Canadian businesses.

Well, this ought to help: three Ontarians have started Made in Canada, a list of user-submitted products that are manufactured on our side of the border.

“We know it can be hard to find Canadian-made products, and even harder to find Canadian-made products from a Canadian-owned company. So we’re making a list,” the team says.

Items are added to the list, which is broken down into multiple categories, via user submission. A submission form asks for the name, manufacturer, and any other relevant information for a specific product.

There are 70 products on the list at time of writing, but that number is expected to grow with the website’s popularity. The list includes everything from hockey equipment to condiments like ketchup.

You can check out the list of products here. Happy shopping!