As one restaurant chain after another chooses environmental welfare over plastic straws, the world’s most famous café is all set to follow suit.

Starbucks has just announced that it will be replacing plastic straws for their signature cold beverages with lids.

“By nature, the straw isn’t recyclable and the lid is, so we feel this decision is more sustainable and more socially responsible,” said Chris Milne, director of packaging sourcing for Starbucks.

“Starbucks is finally drawing a line in the sand and creating a mold for other large brands to follow. We are raising the water line for what’s acceptable and inspiring our peers to follow suit.”

And for largely un-sip-able drinks like their Frappuccinos, the coffee giant will be offering a straw made from paper or PLA compostable plastic manufactured from fermented plant starch or other sustainable material. These straws will also be available for customers who request them for other beverages.

Their new lids and straws are first going to be tested in Seattle and Vancouver, followed by the rest of Starbucks’ locations worldwide through 2020.

This plan will eliminate more than 1 billion plastic straws a year globally.

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