(Homegrown hero Erik Brown (left) after the mission/Facebook - Erik Brown)

Over the past few weeks, the whole world has been holding their breath in anticipation of the safe rescue of twelve young boys stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand.

Soldiers, divers, and representatives from government agencies around the world worked tirelessly until all of the young soccer team members and their coach were safely back above ground.

And it looks like one of the heroic divers who saved them is from B.C.! According to the National Post, 35-year-old Erik Brown grew up in the lower mainland and owns a diving company in Thailand.

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When he heard about the boys stuck in Tham Laung Cave, Brown jumped into hero-mode and joined the rescue efforts. He posted a photo of himself after the mission, with the caption “9 days. 7 missions and 63 hours inside Tham Laung Cave. Success”.


National recognition

Brown’s part in the rescue mission was no small feat, and therefore did not go unnoticed by the Canadian government.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his congratulations on Twitter after hearing the news.

“The Thai cave rescue was a team effort, and I’d like to congratulate and thank Langley’s Erik Brown for stepping up to help get the job done – you’ve made Canadians proud,” says Trudeau.

The boys aged 11 to 16 were stuck in the cave for over two weeks, anxiously awaiting their extrication from the dangerous, flooded caverns of Tham Laung Cave.

Over the course of three days, all 12 boys and their coach were safely brought above ground, and the world let out a sigh of relief.

The dangers of the mission were never clearer than on July 6th, when Thai Navy Seal Saman Gunan lost his life while delivering air tanks to the cave to help keep the trapped boys alive.


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