(Photo by Tourism Victoria)

When you’re out and about next week, prepare to be treated to a vibrant new piece of artwork outside popular local watering hole, Darcy’s Pub!

This downtown Victoria institution is about to add a gorgeous and thought-provoking painting to their patio wall, so everyone visiting Bastion Square or strolling down Wharf Street can appreciate it.

Dave Bain from the Frontier Group says that the idea behind the mural is to support the budding talent of artists in Victoria who want to liven up the city’s landscape by adding street art to our walls.

“We are very lucky to have Darcy’s Pub as a staple of the Victoria bar scene. We feel honoured to have such an amazing location and clientele. We felt that one of the major elements that is missing in the Victoria landscape is accessible artwork that is reprkesented by artists who represent the best in what street art has to offer,” says Bain.

“We wanted to commission this art to allow this landscape to grow throughout Victoria and show everyone how amazing this form of art is. There is a real lack of artistic support in Victoria for artists who represent this form of art. Most of it is done illegally.”

“Our hope is that this will provide an example to support these artists while creating an amazing interactive piece of art from an acclaimed artist. Vibrant cities like Berlin who are at the forefront of artistic movements have encouraged this form of art through government initiatives for decades.”

“We hope Victoria will take small steps to support this same type of government encouragement.”

(Mural in Vancouver painted by artist Peter Ricq, who will be painting the one in Victoria/peterricq.com)

Artwork that really POPS

Artist Peter Ricq talked to Victoria Buzz about some of the concepts, ideas, and inspiration behind his fascinating mural.

“The venue and sponsors gave me the challenge to do something interactive, fun and positive,” says Ricq.

“We wanted the mural to exude the idea of a great time, letting loose, remembering the good moments in life and the beauty of Victoria.”

Some of the features that really pop out are the colour scheme, the rose, and the myriad tattoos adorning the 50s server who is the main feature of the painting – and Peter explains it all!

“The colours are very light, bright and positive to me. I wanted the viewers to feel comfort when observing the painting,” says Ricq.

“The rose is a symbol of love…but I also wanted it to look like she’s pouring life from it. When I think of Victoria, I think of flowers, mountains, plants and nature. It worked well with the theme and idea.”

As for the tattoos – like most other body art – they’re open to interpretation and each one tells a different story.

Peter will be starting work on the mural on Sunday, July 29th, and it will take about four days for him to finish.

We’ve had a sneak peek of what’s to come, and you’re going to love it! So don’t forget to drop by and say hi to Peter while he works on his latest masterpiece.

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