The Victoria Humane Society is in dire need of foster homes, as they are currently inundated with kittens.

Executive Director of the non-profit, Penny Stone, has about 23 cats and kittens at her house (wow!), and approximately 100 cats in total being fostered by around 50 families in the registry.

“Everything comes through my house and we sort them out and put them in different people’s homes,” says Stone. But at the moment there’s just no room for any more animals – an issue made particularly problematic by the fact that there are currently six pregnant momma cats in the house.

The lack of enough people registering to foster animals is a recurring problem for the Victoria Humane Society. Last month, they had too many dogs and puppies needing a home, and this month it’s mostly cats and kittens.

The animals need your help 

The organization, which operates entirely by donations gathered online or through fundraising initiatives, provides shelter and rehabilitation for animals who have been rescued from hoarding situations, or those who come from remote communities with no access to medical care.

And at this moment, Penny Stone is having to turn away animals in need of her help. “The reality is, sometimes we say no to animals coming in because we don’t have any foster homes. Most of them will die if we don’t take them in,” she told Victoria Buzz.

The process to become a foster family is not difficult at all, says Stone. You can read all about the benefits and responsibilities of fostering an animal on their website, and if it sounds like something you’re interested in, just fill out an application and follow the next steps on the list!

In case fostering is not for you, another way to support the Victoria Humane Society is to donate to help them continue their work. “If people want to support us financially but don’t want to donate, we can also use gift cards for pet stores, where we can get supplies for the animals when we need it,” says Stone.

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