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Victoria’s famous ‘Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave’ featured on Netflix


One of Vancouver Island’s hidden treasures has just spread its wings and flown straight into the spotlight!

The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave, located in the backyard of an unassuming home in Victoria, has just earned a well-deserved spot in an episode of the Netflix Original series, Amazing Interiors.

“From the street, it looks like a regular house,” says Landen Shaw at the start of the episode. “You would never guess what we have back here.”

He’s talking, of course, about the World’s Best Hockey Fan Cave, built piece-by-piece over three years by him and his dad, Kenn Shaw.

All about the game

Located in Victoria, the building uses over 3,000 hockey sticks to make up the floor, furniture and other unique creations.

Kenn Shaw and his son, Landen, brought the idea to life with the sole purpose of having a place where friends, family and the hockey community could go and share their love and passion for the game.

Everything in there is made out of broken hockey sticks, chairs, wine racks, tables, TV frames, lights, bars, growler cases, fans and so on.

Among ‘The Cave’s’ prized possessions is the first ever 2 foot Stanley Cup, signed by 80+ NHLers and Hall of Famers including, Gretzky, Howe and Béliveau.

And now the whole world can learn about The Cave and what it’s all about on Episode 4 of the Netflix Original, Amazing Interiors.

A home transformation like no other

Amazing Interiors is the streaming giants’ first original home improvement show and premiered on Friday, July 20th.

The shooting at Shaw’s hockey sanctuary, however, took place over three days in October last year – the family has been waiting with bated breath to reveal their big news ever since! Their story is expected to reach over 100 million people worldwide.

Move over HGTV – we’ve got a new show to binge-watch!

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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