stop sign
OVER THE LINE! (Screenshot via YouTube)

A video that was submitted anonymously to Victoria Buzz is a perfect case study of what not to do at a four-way stop, and suggests that some drivers could use a refresher on proper stop sign etiquette.

The video, recorded at an intersection in Langford, shows at least seven vehicles rolling through a stop sign over the course of a minute and a half.

The closest any vehicle comes to a complete stop is at the 1:00 mark… right in the middle of the crosswalk.

Watch the video for yourself:

While we’re not saying this is an isolated incident, it’s worth acknowledging—especially since car crashes hit an all-time high in B.C. last year.

In an effort to remind drivers of the rules of the road, ICBC launched an online refresher test consisting of several multiple-choice questions about driving rules.

Remember: if there’s a stop line, stop at the line and make sure you come to a complete halt before proceeding.

It’s in your best financial interest, after all; disobeying a stop sign can carry a fine of $167!

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