A screenshot of a video posted on Facebook showing a woman trying to hit a pit bull on Dallas Beach on July 26. (Max Honeyman/Facebook)

A video that shows a woman threatening to hit someone’s pit bull with a log on Dallas Beach near Clover Point has gone viral on Facebook.

The video, posted by user Max Honeyman, shows a woman who is walking her own dog lift a log and swing it at Honeyman’s dog, Louie.

Honeyman and his friend Carly Gregory, who also posted video of the incident, are heard yelling at the woman to stop what she’s doing.

“What the f*ck are you doing?” Honeyman yells.

In response, the woman asks Honeyman to “keep that dog away from me.”

“It kills people, they kill dogs,” she says, referring to the pit bull.

Gregory told Victoria Buzz that Louie had no interaction with the woman prior to the shouting match in the video, and that he is always friendly.

She also said the woman continued to yell at them after video was filmed. The pair stood by until Victoria police arrived and they were able to file a report.

VicPD confirmed with Victoria Buzz that they attended the scene and will be following up with the parties involved, but no charges are being brought forth at this time.

As of Thursday afternoon, the altercation has been viewed almost 40,000 times. (WARNING: some strong language):




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