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A screenshot of a live feed of the Regina Park tent city. (Victoria Drains/YouTube)

A 24-hour surveillance camera that was installed by a Saanich business next to the tent city in Regina Park has been disabled.

The camera was installed for Victoria Drain Services by Bullet Security so that they could monitor a staff parking area after a number of vehicle break-ins and discarded needles were found in the area.

A YouTube stream of the camera footage had been live since July 20, but an archived version of the stream cuts to black during a press conference that took place at the camp on Wednesday afternoon.

Scott Sheldrake of Bullet Security told Victoria Buzz that they were asked by Victoria Drain Services to temporarily pause the stream, but could not confirm why.

Michelle Mitchell, a communications officer at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC, confirmed to Victoria Buzz that they contacted Victoria Drain Services, but could not confirm the nature of the discussion.

Victoria Buzz has reached out Victoria Drain Services for comment and will update when they respond.

Concerns raised around Regina Park camper’s privacy

The surveillance camera was criticized by camp supporters who said Victoria Drain Services wasn’t respecting the privacy and dignity of campers.

Victoria Buzz previously reported that the surveillance camera may have broken provincial privacy laws, based on guidelines for private businesses that were provided by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC.

It was not clear at the time whether or not Victoria Drain Services obtained prior consent from the campers to be recorded.

But while many people criticized Victoria Drain Services for its actions, even more appeared to be supportive of the surveillance, particularly those who live next to the park.

Some even took to the company’s Facebook page to leave positive reviews.



On Wednesday evening, Camp Namegans thanked its supporters in a Facebook post for calling Victoria Drain Services with requests to take the camera down.

“The strongest power is community power and when we fight together, we can move mountains,” the post said.

The camp is now focusing its efforts on fighting a court injunction filed by the District of Saanich requiring the campers to vacate the park.

More to come.

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