(BC Wildfire Service/Facebook)

With the wildfires and smoke bringing the province down, there’s one bright story to report amidst all the haze.

Over the past weekend, a group of BC Firefighters were on their way back from fighting a fire in Kamloops when they spotted five puppies who appeared to be lost on the side of the road.

The crew then contacted the RCMP, who instructed them to take the fluffy friends home and then contact the SPCA, as the dogs had no tags or collar on. The SPCA was closed for the weekend, which is why firefighters took the dogs home and made sure they were well cared for.

Controversy ensues

However, according to a comment on the BC Wildfire Service’s Facebook post, the owner of the dogs alleges that the puppies were taken by the firefighters from her 600 acre farm property.

Whether the dogs were taken out of confusion or with a malicious intent,” the owner wants her dogs back today.

In an updated comment posted on Tuesday afternoon, BC Wildfire Service stated the following:

“We would like to let the public know there was no malicious intent in taking the dogs as is being reported. It is upsetting that their well-intentioned actions are being mistaken for theft, as our crew was genuinely concerned for the well-being of the puppies, and did what they were advised to do by RCMP.”

It is unclear whether or not the dogs have been returned to the owner yet.


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