(Amanda McLeod/Facebook)

Don’t leave a water bottle (or anything that can act as a magnifier) in your car on a sunny day, or you might just come back to find a pile of ashes where your vehicle once stood.

West Shore resident, Amanda McLeod, shared her video of what happened when she placed a bottle of water in her Jeep while it was sunny out, and it has since gone viral.

The bottle, placed near the car’s seats, magnifies the sun’s rays and begins singeing the cloth almost instantaneously.

“Just a heads up for everybody: it is so hot, I just parked in this parking spot, and that is actually my water bottle lighting my seat on fire,” says McLeod in the video.

McLeod told Victoria Buzz that if the bottle hadn’t singed the seat so fast, she may not have caught it happening, and would have gotten out, leaving the vehicle to burn.

It was posted on Facebook about a week ago and has since garnered 134,000 views, and been shared 3,900 times.

Check it out: