island health
The homepage of Island Health's new website. (

To ensure that residents of Vancouver Island find the healthcare information they need online in an efficient and accessible manner, Island Health has launched a brand new website. was designed to be “patient-focused, mobile-friendly, location-aware, and accessible,” the organization said on Wednesday.

“We know every patient, client, and resident is unique and we are excited that they can now customize their Island Health website experience too,” said Leah Hollins, Island Health board chair.

So what’s new? For one, Island Health says the site is easier to navigate as information has been organized by user priority; a series of easy-to-understand links will direct users to the services they require.

island health visitors will be guided to the services they need by the following links. (

The new website is also responsive to mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets, which should make it easier to find information while on the go.

Users will also be able to auto-filter certain content, showing services that are closest to their location. Hollins says that “having a platform that recognizes visitors by their community will streamline services and help us better deliver on our commitment to excellence in health and care.”

On top of that, the website includes a region-wide territorial acknowledgment in an effort to integrate Indigenous perspectives, and will be accessible to people who are visually impaired and require screen or braille readers.

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