(Rebekah Estes/Facebook)

When this Vancouver Islander went snorkelling in the Nanaimo River, she came back up with something that might just be priceless.

Rebekah Estes took to Facebook to share her find from a snorkelling expedition in the Nanaimo River: a bracelet that has engravings inside the cuff which makes it seem very meaningful to the owner.

To collect the silver armband/bracelet, the rightful owner must correctly identify the markings on the inside.

Since it was uploaded two weeks ago, Rebekah’s post has been shared over 3,300 times on Facebook and garnered numerous comments as well.

Some of these comments congratulate her efforts to locate the owner of the jewellery, while others speculate as to what the engravings may be.

Estes told Victoria Buzz that several people have reached out to her to claim the bracelet as their own but couldn’t tell her what the engraving was, and so it remains in her custody for the time being.

Do you know who the bracelet belongs to?

Found this while snorkeling at the Nanaimo River today, and I’m hoping social media will help me find its rightful…

Posted by Rebekah Estes on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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