rescue dog
The unique harness belonging to rescue dog Moxxii has been located. (Angela Lavergne/Facebook)

Earlier this week, we reported that someone had stolen a unique harness belonging to Moxxii, a Victoria search and rescue dog.

Now, some good news: the harness has been found!

On Tuesday, Moxxii’s owner Angela Lavergne posted on Facebook that Victoria police had located the harness—with all its badges intact.

“But the bigger return,” Lavergne says, “was Moxxii’s jacket that holds all her patches from teams we have trained with, places we have been and my dad’s name tag from when he was in the service.”

“All back no damage—whoever had this thank you for looking after the harness and jacket.”

Guess it’s true what they say: every dog has its day!

Huge shout out to Victoria Police. They recovered Moxxii’s harness – badges attached and in one piece. But the bigger…

Posted by Angela Lavergne on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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