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Telus has the fastest 4G LTE speeds in the country, beating out Rogers and Bell, according to a report from OpenSignal.

OpenSignal analyzed nearly 678 million measurements, collected from 31,762 devices between April 1 and to June 29, 2018, to compare the 3G and 4G results of Canada’s three nationwide operators.

According to OpenSignal’s August update, Telus’s 4G download speeds clocked in at around 51.05 mbps—the first Canadian operator to pass the 50 mbps threshold in their national metrics.

(OpenSignal August Report)

Out of the seven categories measured, Telus came out on top in four: Download Speed: 4G, Download Speed: Overall, Upload Speed: 4G, and Latency: 4G.

Telus and Bell came to a draw in the Download Speed: 3G, Latency: 3G, and Availability: 4G categories.

Rogers failed to rank in any category.

(OpenSignal August Report)

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