After about 10 years of welcoming visitors to their fragrant farm grounds,  Victoria Lavender Farm is about to shut its doors to the public for good.

The decision to close this North Saanich staple was announced on the Victoria Lavender Farm Facebook page, as owner and operator Alan Mayfield is all set to retire.

After the end of the season on September 2nd, the farm will become private property and all the highway and outdoor signage will be taken down.

However, the company will still continue to operate out of its store in Sidney  – The Lavender Shop at 2506 Beacon Avenue – so you can still get your farm fresh lavender fix.

As for all the goats, dogs, birds, and other animals currently at the farm, they’ll spend the rest of their lives there, being loved and looked after by the owners.

“To the many thousands of visitors we have hosted at the farm over the last ten years go many thanks, we have enjoyed the experience very much and are very grateful for your support,” reads the Lavender Farm’s Facebook post. 

All products at the Lavender Farm shop and plants will be sold at 25% starting Friday, August 17th until stocks last or until September 2nd.

We’ll see you there!

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