Hotel Grand Pacific
Photo via Hotel Grand Pacific

For people wanting to visit Victoria this summer, or locals looking for a stay-cation at a hotel in town, this latest find may be noteworthy.

According to a recent survey conducted by, Victoria has the 10th most expensive hotel rates in Canada this summer.

The study compared hotel rates across 30 Canadian cities during the month of August, and came up with a ranked list of which destinations have the most and least expensive hotels.

In Victoria, visitors spent an average of $184 per night for the most inexpensive double room available and ranks #10 most expensive on the list.

Hotels in Nanaimo follow closely behind at #13, as they cost about $171 per night on average for the same.

The findings show Banff, AB as the most expensive in terms of hotel rates, followed closely by Vancouver, BC. The most affordable hotel room can be found in Edmonton, clocking in at around $98 per night.

Victorian hotels, in turn, are far more pricey than those in other major destinations like Toronto, Montreal, Whistler, Ottawa, and Calgary.

Check out the full list below:


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