(Video by Sydney Romanyshyn)

Imagine being out for a nice, calm evening on the water…and then having a pod of orcas come right at your boat!

That’s what happened to Sydney Romanyshyn while she was boating just off of Willows beach, and showing her friend from out of town what Victoria’s all about.

The group started filming when they spotted the pod heading straight for them, and then realized that the orcas were actually hunting a seal.

According to Romanyshyn, one of the pod members was a baby orca, who successfully took the seal under water towards the end of the video.

“They were hunting him for a while, I think teaching the baby how to hunt,” she told Victoria Buzz.

The whole scene was over within 2 minutes, and took place at about 5 p.m. on Friday.

Check it out:

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