The BC NDP government has announced a $240 million investment in health authorities across the province over the course of the next three years.

The goal is to raise the quality of treatment for senior citizens in residential care facilities by increasing the amount of staff members and providing residents with 3.36 hours of direct care per day in each health authority by 2021.

According to the province, on average, senior citizens in facilities received an average of 3.11 direct care hours a day in 2016.

This investment is expected to allow health authorities to reach the 3.36 hour/day target that was set by the Ministry of Health 10 years ago.

“Staff in residential care homes work incredibly hard and do a fantastic job,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health.

“But when residential care homes are understaffed, staff are challenged to deliver the level of care seniors deserve. That is why we’re working to provide the staffing needed to make life better for seniors and the people who care for them.”

Vancouver Island Health Authority

Earlier this year, the province announced the allocation of $48.4 million distributed among 183 care facilities in British Columbia.

Vancouver Island Health Authority received $6.4 million for 35 facilities and was able to add 37,600 direct care hours.

By the end of the year, Island Health expects to be able to reach a target of 3.23 hours per day of direct care for each senior resident, and by 2021, get to the ideal 3.36 hours/day goal set by the province.

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