(CBC News)

BC Supreme Court Justice Ronald Skolrood has ordered the homeless camp in Nanaimo to shut down within 21 days.

Residents have been asked to vacate the site after safety concerns were cited at the ‘Discontent City‘ camp that has been set up on Port Dr since May.

According to a CBC report, Justice Skolrood talked about two conflicting accounts of the camp:

The city of Nanaimo views it as a disruptive entity that causes “problems involvingĀ fire safety, violence, crime, drug use, garbage and general chaos.”

On the other hand, tent city occupants see it as a structured community that provides safety and stability for people who would otherwise be alone and unsupported.

The people who have been living in the Discontent City homeless camp for close to 5 months have now been given 3 weeks to clear out and take any belongings with them.

After that, the RCMP will be authorized to arrest anyone remaining on the property, and the municipality can dispose of any items remaining there.

This decision was made just two weeks after the BC Supreme court granted an injunction to shut down the Regina Park tent city in Saanich.

About two dozen of the homeless campers from Saanich are now in Goldstream Park and say they have nowhere to go.