(Katey Danielle)

A motorhome in Langford was destroyed by a fire that was eventually contained.

On Thursday, Langford fire crews responded to a call in the 3300-block of Luxton Road – about a kilometre away from Luxton Fairgrounds – at about 4:05 p.m.

Langford Fire Chief Chris Aubrey told Victoria Buzz that the camper had been burnt to the ground by the time fire crews got to the site.

A bystander with a garden hose had been pouring water on the fire to stop it from spreading.

Started by a cigarette

Chief Aubrey also stated that the owner of the camper told fire crews that he had left a lit cigarette inside the vehicle, and when he returned, found a fire blazing in the corner where he had left it.

Had the fire started a couple of weeks earlier, the dry surrounding area would have been at risk of going up in flames as well.

“It’s always a good reminder to make sure you properly discard cigarettes to prevent any issues later on,” warns Aubrey.