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Victoria is one of the oldest cities on the west coast, so it’s no surprise that there are historic buildings all around.

Most of these were turned into shops, offices, and restaurants. Some, however, have been given the vital task of housing a pub!

Here are a few of the oldest ones in Victoria:

Six Mile Pub – 1855 (163 years old)

Love history? Enter: Six Mile Pub, the oldest in all of British Columbia. Once a regular hangout spot for British Soldiers in the late 1800s, this place now has a British-comfort-inspired menu and a vast selection of microbrews.

If you’re looking for a pub that is reminiscent of the ones in England, you’ll find it here.

  • Where: 494 Island Hwy

Garrick’s Head Pub – 1867 (151 years old)

Fine brews were poured into glasses for the masses nearly 30 years before the first radio signal was received. Today, Garrick’s Head has the largest selection of craft beer on Vancouver Island. Craving some good grub? They’ve got that, too.

The pub boasts a menu that offers a stunning variety which caters to both the average local and the bewildered tourist.

  • Where: 1140 Government St/69 Bastion Square

Bard & Banker – 1885 (133 years old)

Opened in 2008, this establishment is perhaps the most stunning in the city. Named after both its roots as a bank and the profession of Robert Service, a poet, this place has an incredible array of classic pub fare and West-Coast-Inspired dishes & cocktails. 

  • Where: 1022 Government Street

Irish Times – 1894 (124 years old)

Although the bar itself (voted best Irish Pub in North America 2018) opened its doors in 2004, the building in which it resides has stood tall in the city for over 120 years.

With genuine Irish fare, properly poured pints, and a true Irish vibe that can’t be found anywhere else in the city, this place is a must-see for anyone.

  • Where: 1200 Government Street

Now, anybody fancy a pint of the cold stuff?

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