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Add this to your list of apps and websites to check when you’re searching for your next apartment!

Facebook has entered a partnership with RentSeeker and Zumper to introduce Marketplace Rentals – a new home rental service available on the Facebook mobile app – in Canada.

The app allows you to search for rental housing based on  location, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, rental type, size, and pet friendliness.

So naturally, we decided to check it out…

(Facebook Marketplace Rentals)

…and one listing stood out

(Facebook Marketplace Rentals)

This threadbare shack made of a few planks of wood and consisting of what looks like a duvet cover thrown over some chairs to make a “bed” is listed for $850/month.

Located on Bewdley Ave in Esquimalt, the description advises prospective tenants that the shack is an “immaculate room” that “overlooks the Esquimalt harbour”.

And while it looks like it could maybe fit a 5 year old child and their stuffy, the landlord has decided that it is suitable for two people “and animals” – so at least it’s pet friendly.

Look, we know the rental market is crazy out there (and to be fair, this listing is almost definitely a joke).

But if something like this place is your only option, we strongly advise that you keep looking!