(Photo by Megan Gehrig/Facebook)

A vehicle incident has caused first responders to shut down traffic in both directions in the 5500-block of Sooke Road.

5:15 pm UPDATE: Sooke Road open to single-lane alternating traffic with an overhead height limit of 14 feet. 

According to unconfirmed reports, Sooke RCMP, fire crews, and BC Hydro are on site near the Shell Gas station as a black truck appears to have crashed into a power pole.

Power lines are down across the road and BC Hydro reports that 1,500 people are currently experiencing an outage in Sooke as a direct result of the incident.

A second black truck was reportedly involved in another incident in the 5400-block of Sooke Rd near Stickleback Restaurant. The vehicle appears to have fled the scene.

Metchosin Fire Rescue and Westshore RCMP are both en route to assist Sooke RCMP in the second incident.

Injuries have been reported at both scenes, with sightings of a dog that was ejected from one of the trucks. He/she was allegedly taken to a nearby vet by bystanders.

Traffic is closed on Sooke Rd in both directions. Paramedics and BC Ambulance Service are on site.

(Photo by Candace D Reicker/Facebook)

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