(Image from the Victoria Cool Aid Society)

There’s a new colourful addition to downtown Victoria’s skyline.

The Victoria Cool Aid Society, who has been supporting those experiencing homelessness since 1968, have unveiled a stunning new mural on the scenic corner of Swift and Wharf Streets.

The gigantic 25’ by 45’ mural, placed on the side of Cool Aid’s Swift House, was commissioned as one of the society’s 50th anniversary projects, and was painted to evoke a sense of hope and home.

“While scouting their various locations, we decided to select the most visible wall, which was the least accessible wall to paint on,” said artist Luke Ramsey in a statement.

“This made me reflect on the accessibility struggle of homelessness, the visibility for essential services and shelter, and how this piece is up on a rooftop to communicate something.”

The Victoria Cool Aid Society works in partnership with others to help support those who are homeless. The society aims to work in a non-judgmental way, and looks to develop community-based solutions.

Swift House, a 49-unit complex, was designed by Cool Aid specifically to help those who struggle with homelessness or maintaining a tenancy.

Cool Aid describes the mural, which depicts a beacon of light, as a gift to the community.

“We wanted to give a special and hopeful image to Victoria in a prominent, downtown location,” said Don McTavish, director of residential services.

“We want everyone to remember that there is always hope, and that by working together, we can create a better future for everyone and for the whole community.”

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