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Mental health support and noodles aren’t often put together in the same thought, but in just a few days, the two will fit together perfectly.

On Wednesday, every Noodlebox in Victoria will be donating 50% of the day’s proceeds to the Canadian Metal Health Association (CMHA).

The CMHA was founded in 1918, and is a national leader and advocate for mental health. The CMHA facilities access to resources to improve mental health and support recovery for mental health.

Since 2014, Noodelbox Canada has held a Charity Day to support the CMHA. Over the past 3 years, Noodlebox has raised $45,000, and hopes to surpass last year’s daily total of $20,000.

Noodlebox’s Charity Day was started by Jim Hayden, a co-owner of multiple Noodlebox locations in Victoria. The CMHA is important to Hayden, whose own family knows the challenges of facing mental illness.

“Thanks to Noodlebox’s Charity Day last September, our CMHA BC Division’s Victoria office was able to partner with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and offer two youth anti-stigma summits to 8 local high schools in January of this year,” says Jocelyn de Montmorency, CMHA’s Victoria program manager.

You can visit Noodlebox at one of 4 participating locations in Greater Victoria:

  • Noodlebox, Uptown – 3500 Uptown Boulevard, Victoria
  • Noodlebox, Douglas Street – 818 Douglas Street, Victoria
  • Noodlebox, Shelbourne – 3749 Shelbourne Street, unit 205, Victoria
  • Noodlebox, Langford – 2955 Phipps Road, Westshore Town Centre, Langford

Noodlebox Charity Day

  • When: Wednesday, September 19, 2018
  • Where: Every Victoria Noodlebox