(Garry Oak meadow/Photo by www.vancouverislandbigtrees.blogspot.com)

In honour of National Tree Day, and the Saanich Parks Department’s 60th anniversary, the district is planning to plant 60 Garry Oak trees in eight municipal parks.

Parks staff, volunteers, and the North Quadra Community Association will be kicking off the event on Wednesday, September 26th by planting 15 trees and 60 Camas bulbs in the Garry oak meadow at Bruce Hutchison Park

You’re invited to join the team, as they demonstrate how to plant mulch and cage a tree. Coffee and cake will also be provided for the participants.

The rest of the 45 trees will be planted later on in Falaise, Layritz, Camrose, Braefoot, Glanford, Konukson and Cedar Hill Parks.

“Supporting forests in Saanich—in this case the urban forest—helps contribute to our environmental integrity and climate change resilience,” said Senior Parks Manager Eva Riccius in a press release.

“We appreciate our Pulling Together volunteers who help restore the Garry oak ecosystems in our parks. This project is a result of collaboration and dedicated work by the community.”

Garry oak meadows were once a common sight on southeastern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Fraser Valley. Today they only occupy about 3% of their former territory, as they have been gradually replaced by development and agriculture.

Saanich National Tree Day activities

  • When: Wednesday, September 26th, 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
  • Where: Bruce Hutchison Park (off Rogers Ave near Rogers Way)
  • What to bring: Clothes suitable for planting, gloves/boots, small shovel or spade