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This Victoria company is teaching people how to code for free


If you’ve always wanted to code but never known where to start, this is your chance!

Lighthouse Labs is hosting a free 21-day event starting October 1st, during which participants can learn JavaScript in a fun, interactive way.

The best part? It only takes 15-30 minutes per day and you can do it from your couch!

The company, which operates in several cities across the country, is hosting this 21-day Coding Challenge for the first time ever in order to encourage people to pick up a skill that is becoming more and more relevant in the 21st century.

Besides teaching how to code, Lighthouse Labs has also provided various prizes as incentives for people to sign up, including the opportunity to win a 3-day trip to San Francisco and a tour of Silicon Valley!

More about Lighthouse Labs

According to CEO Jeremy Shaki, Lighthouse Labs runs 10-week intensive ‘bootcamps’ that teach people several different coding languages in a classroom environment.

“Our concept is to prepare the next generation of developers, and help people who don’t necessarily have a background in coding, because it’s such a new development,” says Shaki.

In these bootcamps, students learn to become a professional developer, rather than just someone that knows how to code.

Lighthouse Labs alumni go on to work for up and coming players in the tech industry after completing the bootcamp, which costs $9,000 to enroll in.

But the 21-day coding challenge is FREE

You can register within the next two weeks by clicking here, after which you’ll be sent an introductory email with optional study material.

Then starting October 1st, you’ll receive daily coding challenges with instructions, all in a fun game format.

And if this is too intimidating to take on by yourself, they’ve also got the option for you to sign up as a team – perfect for offices, study groups, etc.

“Our goal is to help people leave their intimidation about coding at home and do it in a social and fun way,” Shaki told Victoria Buzz.

So now it’s time for the big question, Victoria: do you accept this challenge?

21-Day Coding Challenge

  • When: Starts October 1st
  • Where: Anywhere!
  • Admission: FREE! Click here to register.
Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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