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Tourism Victoria is now officially called Destination Greater Victoria


Earlier this month, Tourism Victoria unveiled plans to rebrand their blog and social media platforms.

The company is now called ‘Destination Greater Victoria’, as is evidenced by their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

According to CEO Paul Nursey, the brand refresh process began in January after which executives and stakeholders decided that the colour palette and font were outdated, as was the brand strategy.

The rebranding is also a part of the company’s overhaul of its marketing strategies, to provide a “true reflection of Greater Victoria”, Nursey told Victoria Buzz.

A whole new image

Moving forward, Destination Greater Victoria will feature “much more vibrant photography, and balance culture, people, and physical beauty in a more deliberate manner”.

Last week, the process hit a bit of a snag after a Times Colonist reader pointed out that their proposed tag line – “Oceans apart from ordinary” – was too similar to a 1970s Heineken print-ad campaign that used the slogan “Oceans apart from the ordinary”.

According to Nursey, Destination Greater Victoria’s advertising agency is now working on a new tag line and hopes to have some new options within the next few weeks.

“To be very honest, we would’ve kept the tagline if this had been a pure private sector market. There was no trademark, but we wanted something that was unique on our own.”

The company’s main objective is to fill hotel rooms in Victoria. On that count, Tourism Victoria has been largely successful in the past, as hotels reached a nearly 90% occupancy rate in June.

It remains to be seen what Destination Greater Victoria will do for tourism in the city.

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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