Two Victoria Police officers stopped a crime in Hawaii on December 20th, 2019
File Photo (Jay Wallace Images)

One person has been injured, and three people taken into police custody after an altercation broke out at a downtown bar.

Sources say the incident occurred at the Upstairs Cabaret, and management of the venue are telling Victoria Buzz that a bar fight broke out in which one man was wielding a bottle.

Staff at the nightclub were able to defuse the situation until police arrived on site.

“There was an altercation involving two  males in which minor injuries were sustained. Both parties are in good condition. The staff of upstairs handled the situation immediately, and emergency services was quick to respond.”

Victoria police and BC Ambulance Services were dispatched to the location, and two people were transported to the hospital.

It was initially reported to the 911 communications that two people were stabbed in the incident, however, only one person sustained a deep laceration to the face from the glass.

VicPD confirmed an altercation occurred between several people in the Bastion Square area and one person was assaulted with a weapon. Three people were arrested.

The investigation is in the very early stages and VicPD said they will release more details in the coming days/weeks. 

More to come.