(Jill Van Gyn, CEO of Fatso)

Fatso isn’t shy about the good fats found in its peanut butter.

Jill Van Gyn, founder and CEO of Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter, will be appearing on the debut episode of Canada’s favourite entrepreneurial show, Dragon’s Den, on September 27th at 8 pm.

Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter is produced right here in Victoria, and its founder, Jill Van Gyn, was born and raised on the island as well.

Whole Foods, one of Van Gyn’s earliest supporters, is throwing a viewing party to celebrate the company and witness its first steps into the mainstream marketplace.

Fatso’s nutty origin story

The peanut butter, known for being delicious and charmingly bougie, is also full of nutritious super fats and healthy fibre.

Van Gyn, who has a Masters in Peace Building and Human Security, was exposed to a variety of exotic and traditional ways of using peanuts while doing field work in Uganda.

Inspired by local women that had become close friends, Van Gyn returned to Canada and developed her own delicious and nutrient dense peanut butter.

“The suspense is as thick as the peanut butter,” says the company. “But with the way Fatso is already spreading to consumers, this little peanut butter company is on track to a great future, with or without the Dragons.”

Be sure to watch the web pitch on CBC to find out if Fatso gets the deal.