Leaders from Community Health Centers (CHC) across Canada and the US, and from all levels of government will gather in Victoria to discuss health and social issues.

The conference, hosted in Cool Aid’s Downtown Community Centre, will take place on Thursday, September 26.

CHC plans to discuss issues that affect both sides of the border, like the opioid and overdose crisis, precarious housing, social barriers to health, and preventable health and social system costs, just to name a few.

“By joining forces, Community Health Centres and their associations in Canada and the U.S. believe they can learn from each others’ successes and challenges, and ultimately scale up innovations that will improve health outcomes and the return on public investment in health and social services in both countries,” said CHC in their press release.

Community Health Centres offer comprehensive care and support to individuals and families. Canada’s branch, the Canadian Association of Community Health Centers, provides team-based services in a variety of areas like primary care, dental care, mental health care, housing, and employment.

The CHC’s approach to these issues is intended to meet the complex needs of diverse communities, and to tackle the causes of illness before they become worse and more costly.

“The opportunity to integrate lessons from Community Health Centres throughout Canada and the U.S. is very promising for communities throughout our province,” said Grey Showler – President of the British Columbia Association of Community Health Centres and Director of Community Health & Support Services for the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

“We’re very excited about what it will mean for strengthening and accelerating the collective work of B.C. Community Health Centres, our association, and our provincial government.”

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